MCI Injury Patterns and Treatment


Bombs aimed at civilian populations are the most common
weapon used by terrorists throughout the world. Over the last
decade, we have been involved in the management of more
than 20 mass casualty incidents, most of which were caused
by terrorist bombings. Commonly, in these events, there may
be many victims and many deaths. However, only a few of the
survivors will suffer from life-threatening injuries.
and timely treatment may impact their survival. Due to the
complex mechanism of injury seen in these scenarios, treatment
of victims injured by explosions is somewhat different
from that exercised in blunt and penetrating trauma from
other causes. The intention of this article was to outline the
initial medical treatment of the injured victim arriving at the
emergency department during a mass casualty incident
caused by a terrorist bombing. Treatment protocols for stable,
unstable, and in extremis patients are presented.

MCI Stable Victims