Equipment Considerations: Level 2

As mentioned in an earlier post regarding Level 1 kit, you must pack your medical gear to reflect the mission requirements and constraints. Here are some considerations when packing your Level 2 gear:

1) Pack supplements to Level 1. For instance, medics may need more bandages and tourniquets.

2) Pack for Tactical Filed Care phase of treatment. In this phase, you may need:

    A. Drugs (e.g., Toradol) and associated items (e.g., syringes, heplocks)
    B. Splinting material
    C. Evacuation Platforms (e.g., poleless litters or a Foxtrot Litter)
    D. Fluids
    E. Needle Thoracostomy items
    F. Hypothermia Prevention
    G. Casualty Equipment Bag
    H. Casualty Documentation

3) An aid-bag for the above items. Err on the side of too small, as carrying a “tick” on your back might be more of a burden than an asset, depending on the mission. That is your call.

The above serves as a framework. We will cover Level 3 in the next post.