Update on Tactical Medicine Concepts and Controversies

We are pleased to announce an upcoming educational opportunity. On Thursday, October 14, 2010, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital will be hosting a conference titled, “Update on Tactical Medicine Concepts and Controversies.” This is a great opportunity and we will be attending.


Conference Description:
This conference will address those new and innovative interventions, products and techniques whose implementation at the point of wounding (POW) will allow for a more stable and viable patient upon arrival at the tertiary facility and, hence, improved longterm outcome. Though originally designed for the military theater, Tactical Combat
Casualty Care (TCCC) concepts are rapidly being adopted within the civilian medical and law enforcement communities as they are asked to respond to terror incidents at home. Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and terror incidents in Russia and India are only a few examples of the world in which we live. This conference is as relevant to
law enforcement (local and federal) and medical first responders as it is to the Soldiers and Marines on the battlefield. It is also relevant to physicians, nurses and other care providers, both civilian and military, who have a need for familiarity with current medical care techniques in the tactical environment.