Officer Awarded Lifesaving Award for Use of SOFTT-Wide – August 19, 2015

Great work by this officer in Illinois… Officer Hayes successfully used his SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide on a construction worker whose right leg was almost completely amputated below the knee in an on-site accident. Officer Hayes used his tactical training to quickly assess the situation, control the loss of blood, check the patient for additional injuries, and provide comfort care to the patient until fire department personnel arrived. A big thanks to Officer Hayes for his continued hard work and dedication in the law enforcement community and support of Tactical Medical Solutions.

Seminole County Sheriff Uses SOFTT-Wide on Gator Attack Victim – August 18, 2015

In Seminole County, Florida, a local sheriff’s deputy used his tourniquet on a woman whose arm was bitten off by an alligator while swimming in the Wekiva River. He got the TQ in place just before paramedics arrived. The deputy had previously pushed to get tourniquets in every patrol car, though he never imagined it being used for an alligator bite. Now every deputy and police car in Seminole County has a “Go Bag” that includes a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide, OLAES® Modular Bandage, tape, and other items. More details can be viewed here.

Beware: Counterfeit Tourniquets Could Cost Lives – August 14, 2015

New Hampshire first responders recently experienced disastrous failures with two counterfeit tourniquets at the scene of a motorcycle accident. The windlass snapped in half, making it impossible to tighten the tourniquet, a failure that could be the difference between life and death. Counterfeits look remarkably similar to the real thing, so tourniquets should only be purchased from the manufacturer or authorized dealers. The CBS News article below goes in to more detail about the dangers of counterfeit tourniquets.

New Product – TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag – August 12, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag is designed for quick and efficient treatment and triage of victims in a mass casualty incident. As the practice of pushing medical personnel in to the “warm zone” of an MCI becomes more prominent, so has the need to equip these medics with the right tools. The bag is completely modular and allows for easy access to its components, which include tourniquets, bandages, and chest seals. View our website for more info and pictures.

Lafayette Police: Trauma Kits Played a Major Role in Outcome of Grand 16 Shooting – July 29, 2015

Lafayette Police Department officers are saying their Downed Officer Kits played a major role in the outcome of last Thursday’s shooting at the Grand Theater in Louisiana. It was the first time the kits had been used since the department received them less than six months ago. The Lafayette Police Training Coordinator said that because officers often arrive first on the scene, “the department felt it was necessary to prepare officers with hands-on training to handle extreme trauma situations. Because officers had the kits and were trained how to use them, police were able to begin treating victims inside the theater immediately.” In this case, officers were on scene and in the building within 50 seconds of receiving the call. More details can be viewed here.

Mass Casualty Event Training – July 7, 2015

TacMed’s SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide was used on the streets of London last week in a mock ‘marauding gun attack’, which was the biggest ever counter-terrorism exercise in the UK. Armed police, the military, SAS, and spies staged the event to test how emergency services and other agencies would be able to handle such a mass casualty event. More details can be viewed here.

The First Responder Guidance for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter Incidents – June 18, 2015

The recently released ‘First Responder Guide for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter Incidents’ by the Department of Homeland Security was developed at the request of first responders to provide guidance in responding to these types of events. Recommendations fall in to three major categories, the first being Hemorrhage Control. The guide states that first responders should incorporate tourniquets as part of treatment as they have proven to be quick and effective at preventing severe blood loss from extremity wounds. The guide can be viewed here.

New Product – TacMed™ Phantom® Hoist – June 15, 2015

TacMed’s Phantom® Hoist has proven to be twice as fast as the closest competitor in actual hoisting operations. With the option to hoist vertically or horizontally with or without a stretcher, the reduced prep time makes hoisting operations safer for elements on the ground and in the air. The Hoist has quick connect ultra-durable buckles and was designed to integrate with current stretchers. Click over to our website for more information and pictures.

Bellevue Police Save Life with SOFTT-Wide – June 9, 2015

Police in Bellevue, PA, applied a SOF® Tourniquet to stop the bleeding on a robbery victim who was stabbed in the arm. The victim has since been released from the hospital and had this to say regarding the incident: “If [the officer] hadn’t received that training, I wouldn’t stand here right now in front of you. My goal is to be at my daughter’s wedding in October, and he made that happen.” View the article for more details.

New Product – TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit (FBTK) – May 26, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit (FBTK) provides a compact, streamlined, and complete solution to the challenge of facilitating a life-saving blood transfusion in a tactical environment. Designed at the request of Special Operations medics, separate Donor and Recipient modules allow the user to rapidly collect and transfuse whole blood systematically. The kit is available in a heavyweight resealable plastic bag or MOLLE pouch. Click over to our website for more info, and please call us at 888-822-6331 to order.