Dallas Officer Saves Shooting Victim with Tourniquet – January 6, 2015

Dallas Police Department officers used a tourniquet and gauze from their TacMed Downed Officer Kits to help save the lives of two teenagers that were seriously wounded by gunshots. One public info officer said, “We are very proud of our officers and the actions they took to administer first aid to the victims. The tactical medical kits all officers carry have proved to be invaluable once again.” More details on the shooting can be viewed here.


TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit Customer Feedback – December 16, 2014

A TacMed customer recently gave great feedback about the TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit (UMK)- He was able to reverse an overdose with the nasal narcan he was carrying in his UMK. He said he was the only one who had it on him and probably would not have had it without the UMK. The UMK is designed so that essential medical gear can be carried on the person, allowing self-aid or buddy-aid to be provided instantly in the case of serious injury. More information on the UMK can be viewed here.