SOF®TT-W Save by Texas Officer – July 2017

An officer from Texas recently wrote in to tell us about their second save with a SOF®T-Wide Tourniquet in law enforcement. The officer has previous experience with tourniquets on the battlefield and has also participated in TCCC training. Another great example of work in the field by LEOs highlighting the need to carry the right gear and know how to use it.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Save Victim with SOF®TT-W – July 2017

A U.S. Army veteran was bleeding profusely from his arm after the truck he was riding in flipped over. He attempted to use a makeshift tourniquet but was too weak to tighten it, and none of the bystanders had a commercial tourniquet. Thankfully, two U.S. Border Patrol agents happened upon the scene. The agents applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the victim. He was transported to a trauma center and has since returned home. Watch the YouTube video to hear directly from the patient and the agents. This story is a great example why EVERYONE should know how to use a tourniquet. Learn more about the story here.

Do Commercially Available Tourniquets Work on Kids? – July 2017

Do commercially available tourniquets work on kids? Yes, they do. The youngest child we have had reports on of a successful pediatric tourniquet use was a 4-year-old girl in Dallas who had been shot twice in the leg. Read more here:

TacMed & the American Red Cross Enter Branding Partnership – July 2017

TacMed is excited to announce a brand licensing partnership with the American Red Cross that will supply the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the country’s leading provider of first aid training. Red Cross instructors teach valuable lifesaving skills to an average of 9 million people every year. With hemorrhage control initiatives spanning from the The White House to local communities, this partnership will be a flagship effort in highlighting the importance of bystander care for traumatic events. Learn more at

Customer Testimonial – SOF®TT-W Save – July 2017

We received the following tourniquet save story from someone with the Edmonton Police Service in Canada: “Used a SOFTTW tourniquet tonight on a victim with massive trauma. My first TQ application in Canada.”

Customer Testimonial – SOF®TT-W Save – June 2017

Very happy to hear that the SOF®TT-W was put to good use over the weekend by EMTs in Des Moines, Iowa… Our goal is to provide high quality equipment to all types of first responders so they can do their jobs most effectively and save lives:

“I would like to say THANK YOU to your company for playing a part in possibly saving my son from bleeding out today! Even though the hospital cut the strap I asked if we could have it.

Thank you for making such a great product and helping save our son!”

Perspective from the First Two Paramedics at Pulse Nightclub Shooting – June 2017

Powerful perspective from the first two paramedics to arrive at the Pulse Nightclub shooting: Their frequent participation in simulated emergency medicine competitions allowed them to think and react quickly in the chaos. By the end of the night, they had applied tourniquets, performed double-needle decompressions, and transported 13 patients with life-threatening injuries to the hospital (all of whom survived).

New Jersey Police Tourniquet Save – May 2017

A New Jersey police officer recently let us know about his use of a tourniquet on the leg of a 13 year old. The boy was struck by a freight train and lost his leg about mid-shin. Two officers dressed the wound while a third applied his SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide. The victim was then rushed to a trauma center and survived the accident thanks to these officers quick actions. Read more here.


New Quick-Compression Buckle Added to SOF®TT-W – March 2017

We are excited to release the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide with its new quick-compression technology buckle! Designed with customer feedback in mind, the new buckle improves the tourniquet’s functionality and overall application time while maintaining its superior reliability. Learn more at our website here!

Customer Testimonial – Double SOFT®T-W Save – February 2017

Happy to hear a customer testimonial from a double SOFTT-W use in the field.

“Used two of your SOF-TT-W tourniquets last night on a double amputee and potentially saved the victim because of their application. Had never applied them before, was shocked how easy they were to apply and were immediately effective…. I made the investment in two of your tourniquets and it was well worth the investment!”