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Contest Winner Announcment

After reviewing the many submissions for our first contest, 101 Ways to Use a Triangular Bandage, we have selected our winners. Due to the fact that two contestants submitted outstanding submissions, we decided to award two prizes. Our first winner, for the shear volume of ideas, is Lee Whitehead and he will receive $200 worth […]

Chest Decompression for Non-Medics

Chest decompression for non-medics is a sticky subject. Recent observations overseas have seen an increase in improper location medially when inserting the needle. The causes of the high rate of improper placement are difficult to determine (i.e., environment, visibility, etc.) and have led to some medical directors prohibiting the procedure for non-medics within the military […]

Contest: 101 Ways to Use a Trianguler Bandage

In an age when hemostatic agents and pocket-sized BP cuffs monopolize most conversations regarding combat casualty care, a command of the basics is being lost. While the abundance of choices of pre-made kits addressing the majority of field-treatable injuries reduces the chance of needing to improvise, one ought to have a command of the basics […]

Equipment Considerations: Level 3

We have thus far discussed considerations for packing Level 1 and Level 2 equipment. Remember that Level 1 gear is what you carry on your person (e.g., IFAKs and Med Vests) and Level 2 gear is carried in your first-aid bag. Level 3 gear is generally considered kit stored on your vehicle or supplement packs […]

Equipment Considerations: Level 2

As mentioned in an earlier post regarding Level 1 kit, you must pack your medical gear to reflect the mission requirements and constraints. Here are some considerations when packing your Level 2 gear: 1) Pack supplements to Level 1. For instance, medics may need more bandages and tourniquets. 2) Pack for Tactical Filed Care phase […]

Tactical K-9 Care: Part 1

In the tactical environment, a tactical medic may be the only care provider able to assist a working dog that has been injured. The goal of the following article is introduce medics to common problems associated with working dogs in a tactical environment. In addition to this article, medics ought to find a veterinarian that […]

MCI Injury Patterns and Treatment

Abstract: Bombs aimed at civilian populations are the most common weapon used by terrorists throughout the world. Over the last decade, we have been involved in the management of more than 20 mass casualty incidents, most of which were caused by terrorist bombings. Commonly, in these events, there may be many victims and many deaths. […]