S.W.A.T. Tac Med Course

A new training company is offering a course in Florida for those interested in attending. The company is formed of current and former Military and LE personnel. Here is an excerpt from the course flyer and a link:

Sign up today for an intensive program geared towards the certified Tactical Medic Provider. This 24hr course over 2 days will provide you an opportunity to evaluate your current skill level in both the medicine and tactics involved in SWAT missions.

SWAT Medic Flyer

Holiday Absence

We apologize for the time elapsed between posts. Now that the holidays have past, we shall post every two weeks.


Hello and Welcome

Hello.  Welcome to the Tactical Medical Solutions Blog.  The purpose of the TacMed Blog is to serve as a conduit between combat and tactical medics in the military and law enforcement communities around the world.  Our hope is that the information here will enhance your abilities to minimize preventable deaths by offering educational dialogue regarding issues faced by medics in these communities.  We welcome you to comment on our entries, request that specific topics be covered, and even become a guest poster.