Contest Winner Announcment

After reviewing the many submissions for our first contest, 101 Ways to Use a Triangular Bandage, we have selected our winners. Due to the fact that two contestants submitted outstanding submissions, we decided to award two prizes. Our first winner, for the shear volume of ideas, is Lee Whitehead and he will receive $200 worth of Tac Med Gear. Our second winner, who submitted the most unique ideas that range from medical uses to survival, comes to us from Belgium (name withheld for OPSEC), and he will receive the same prize.

Thank you all for your submissions. We will begin posting videos of them over the next few months. If you have any other ideas for contests, let us know.

Tac Med Team

Contest: 101 Ways to Use a Trianguler Bandage

In an age when hemostatic agents and pocket-sized BP cuffs monopolize most conversations regarding combat casualty care, a command of the basics is being lost. While the abundance of choices of pre-made kits addressing the majority of field-treatable injuries reduces the chance of needing to improvise, one ought to have a command of the basics using available materials.

A medic cannot have a more basic piece of kit than a triangular bandage. Therefore, we are having a contest to encourage submissions of different ways to use a triangular bandage to treat combat trauma. The details are as follows:

Prize: $200 in free Tac Med gear

Submission Format: Either submit a description to the comments section or email them to How-to videos are welcomed, but not required. We will be filming the most unique and helpful techniques for the blog.

Deadline: All submission must be in by 1 MAR 2010. We will announce the winner by 15 MAR 10. Due to concerns with operational anonymity, we will request your approval before sharing your name.