New Product – TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit

The new TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit (PTRK) provides the law enforcement officer with the necessary gear for on-scene care when every second counts. Designed to be worn on the belt or MOLLE platform, this compact kit takes up minimal space. The PTRK can be a stand-alone pouch or, with the optional pouch-attaching strap, can work with either the LAPD Kit, standard Convertible Drop Leg Pouch, or new Patrol Rifle Response Kit.

New Product – TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit – April 2016

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit provides the necessary components to treat life-threatening injuries for both law enforcement and military applications. Dual purpose items can be used to treat either the K9 or the handler. Items include the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide and a K9 Tourniquet and Muzzle.

New Product – Russell Pneumofix – March 2016

The Russell PneumoFix®, now available on the TacMed website, is a sterile chest decompression device designed for the management of tension pneumothorax, simple pneumothorax, and pleural effusion. For medical professionals, this device is quick, simple, and intuitive. Click over to our website below for more information.

New Product – TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag – August 12, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag is designed for quick and efficient treatment and triage of victims in a mass casualty incident. As the practice of pushing medical personnel in to the “warm zone” of an MCI becomes more prominent, so has the need to equip these medics with the right tools. The bag is completely modular and allows for easy access to its components, which include tourniquets, bandages, and chest seals. View our website for more info and pictures.

New Product – TacMed™ Phantom® Hoist – June 15, 2015

TacMed’s Phantom® Hoist has proven to be twice as fast as the closest competitor in actual hoisting operations. With the option to hoist vertically or horizontally with or without a stretcher, the reduced prep time makes hoisting operations safer for elements on the ground and in the air. The Hoist has quick connect ultra-durable buckles and was designed to integrate with current stretchers. Click over to our website for more information and pictures.

New Product – TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit (FBTK) – May 26, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit (FBTK) provides a compact, streamlined, and complete solution to the challenge of facilitating a life-saving blood transfusion in a tactical environment. Designed at the request of Special Operations medics, separate Donor and Recipient modules allow the user to rapidly collect and transfuse whole blood systematically. The kit is available in a heavyweight resealable plastic bag or MOLLE pouch. Click over to our website for more info, and please call us at 888-822-6331 to order.

New Product – TacMed™ Emergency Trauma Station (ETS) – May 19, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: The TacMed™ Emergency Trauma Station brings proven lifesaving medical supplies and instructions together with the most crucial part of an emergency response: the first responder. Seven throw kits are contained in the red TRAUMA bag, each containing items such as a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide, OLAES®Modular Bandage, gauze, tape, and instruction card. The wall-mounted cabinet is alarmed, low profile, and has the capability to be hardwired in to a building’s existing alarm system. Visit our website for more information.

New Product – TacMed™ Pocket Medical Kit (PMK) – April 13, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: TacMed’s PMK (Pocket Medical Kit) provides law enforcement officers with the necessary medical equipment to immediately treat life-threatening traumatic injuries. Contents include a SOF® Tourniquet Wide in Rescue Orange, a Beacon Chest Seal, elastic bandage, and gloves. It can be packed with QuikClot Combat Gauze LE or compressed gauze. Click over to our website for more info.

New Product – TacMed™ Adaptive First Aid Kit (AFAK) – March 4, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: TacMed’s AFAK (Adaptive First Aid Kit) is a compact kit that provides the individual soldier or law enforcement officer with the necessary lifesaving equipment, such as the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet, OLAES® Modular Bandage, chest seal, and nasal airway, to effectively treat traumatic injuries. MOLLE-compatible with multiple mounting options and an included tourniquet strap system, the user can prioritize equipment layout and take advantage of unused space. More information about the AFAK can be viewed here.