Congressman Used Belt to Help Wounded Staffer – August 2017

Dr. Alex Eastman from Dallas describes the importance of bystanders’ actions in emergency situations such as the June shooting at a congressional baseball practice. Watch the news clip here to see Dr. Eastman demonstrate the use of a SOF®T-Wide Tourniquet and OLAES® Bandage to control bleeding on a victim.

Foxtrot Litter Used for Evacuation of GSW Victim – July 2017

Teamwork. Good job yesterday to all LEO, Fire, EMS, HEMS units that worked together to mitigate a criminal barricade with a critically injured patient. The patient was shot several times, presenting with heavy bleeding from an arm, altered mentation, and no radial pulses. Bleeding was controlled with a tourniquet and no re-bleeding. TacMed Solutions Foxtrot® Litter was used to extract the patient 200 yards without complication to an awaiting ambulance. Photo cred from the Williamsburg Gazette.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Save Victim with SOF®TT-W – July 2017

A U.S. Army veteran was bleeding profusely from his arm after the truck he was riding in flipped over. He attempted to use a makeshift tourniquet but was too weak to tighten it, and none of the bystanders had a commercial tourniquet. Thankfully, two U.S. Border Patrol agents happened upon the scene. The agents applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the victim. He was transported to a trauma center and has since returned home. Watch the YouTube video to hear directly from the patient and the agents. This story is a great example why EVERYONE should know how to use a tourniquet. Learn more about the story here.

Do Commercially Available Tourniquets Work on Kids? – July 2017

Do commercially available tourniquets work on kids? Yes, they do. The youngest child we have had reports on of a successful pediatric tourniquet use was a 4-year-old girl in Dallas who had been shot twice in the leg. Read more here:

TacMed & the American Red Cross Enter Branding Partnership – July 2017

TacMed is excited to announce a brand licensing partnership with the American Red Cross that will supply the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the country’s leading provider of first aid training. Red Cross instructors teach valuable lifesaving skills to an average of 9 million people every year. With hemorrhage control initiatives spanning from the The White House to local communities, this partnership will be a flagship effort in highlighting the importance of bystander care for traumatic events. Learn more at

Champaign County Deputies Carrying Lifesaving Devices – February 2017

All deputies with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office will now be carrying SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wides on their belts after a fellow officer was recently saved with the use of a tourniquet. The Captain stressed the importance of officers carrying the tourniquets on their person, as they may not be able to reach their patrol car when needed. Read more here.


10,000th Trauma Kit Given to NYPD Cop – December 2016

The 10,000th NYPD trauma kit has been issued during a training course at the Police Academy. NYPD officers use the kits to provide potentially lifesaving care to those suffering massive bleeding. These kits include SOF® Tactical Tourniquets, QuikClot Combat Gauze LE, compression bandages, and gloves. Read more here.


Collierville Officers Better Equipped After Trauma Kit Donation – November 2016

Thanks to a generous donation, every Collierville Police Department officer is now equipped with a TacMed™ Pocket Medical Kit to carry while on duty. The need for the kits was discovered after the Collierville Citizens Police Association realized officers were purchasing these supplies on their own, and tourniquets in the field can be a necessity for survival. Read more here.


Rockford Police Receive Tourniquets & Training – October 2016

All officers from Rockford Illinois Police Department received training on proper tourniquet application and will now carry SOF® Tactical Tourniquets. The doctor who conducted the training said the time it takes to stop bleeding from a major artery and having the right tools to do so could mean the difference between life and death. And one of the officers noted there is now access to higher quality nylon and metal tourniquets over previously used plastic ones. Read more here.

TacMed™ Active Shooter Response Kits Provided to Schools – September 2016

Schools across Arkadelphia, Arkansas, are now equipped with TacMed Active Shooter Response (ARK) Kits in the event of a mass casualty situation. The schools received the kits thanks to the efforts of the Clark County-Arkadelphia Joint SWAT Team and state rep Richard Womack, who called it a win for everybody: law enforcement, the school, and the kids. Read more here.