Stop the Bleed: The Value of Tourniquets – August 2016

Great article on the importance of 1) having a tourniquet, 2) carrying it with you, and 3) knowing how to properly use it before the time comes:

Every NYPD Patrol Officer to Be Equipped with TacMed Gear – July 2016

The NYPD is investing in a wide range of equipment and training to ensure officers are prepared for the challenges they face. This includes TacMed trauma kits, ballistic vests and helmets, and a host of training initiatives. “The new equipment, the training, and the technology that NYPD officers have received … has made the job safer for them, their fellow cops, and most of all, for the public that we serve.” Read more here.


Phantom® Hoist – Demo Video – April 2016

Check out this awesome demo video on the TacMed™ Phantom® Hoist made by MilSpecMonkey at this year’s SHOT Show! Learn more about the Phantom Hoist here!

Simple Device Saving Lives of Officers – March 2016

A great perspective on the use of tourniquets from two officers with personal experience: One officer from Lakewood self-applied his SOF Tactical Tourniquet to his arm after being shot multiple times, and the other officer from Denver had a tourniquet applied by his fellow officer after being shot 6 times. The officers agree that the most important things are to 1) have a tourniquet, 2) know how to use it, and 3) have it accessible at all times. Read more here.

Henry County Sheriff’s Office – DOK Donation – March 2016

A local soup kitchen in Kentucky donated 30 TacMed™ Downed Officer Kits (DOKs) to the Henry County Sheriff’s Department. On his decision to donate, the man who founded the soup kitchen said, “… These are the guys that protect us every day in this community and I think we should do everything we can to help them.” The 30 DOKs allow for one kit in each cruiser of the HCSD.

Lafeyette Police Dept Receives Trauma Kit Donation – February 2016

The Lafayette Police Department recently received a donation of 100 DOKs (Downed Officer Kits) as a show of appreciation from a local group of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. agents in collaboration with the Lafayette Strong Committee. These are the same DOKs used to administer aid to those injured in the Grand 16 Theatre shooting last July. Officers deployed their DOKs upon arriving at the theater within 12 seconds of the initial reports of a gunman. More information on the Downed Officer Kits can be viewed here.

Lafayette Police: Trauma Kits Played a Major Role in Outcome of Grand 16 Shooting – July 29, 2015

Lafayette Police Department officers are saying their Downed Officer Kits played a major role in the outcome of last Thursday’s shooting at the Grand Theater in Louisiana. It was the first time the kits had been used since the department received them less than six months ago. The Lafayette Police Training Coordinator said that because officers often arrive first on the scene, “the department felt it was necessary to prepare officers with hands-on training to handle extreme trauma situations. Because officers had the kits and were trained how to use them, police were able to begin treating victims inside the theater immediately.” In this case, officers were on scene and in the building within 50 seconds of receiving the call. More details can be viewed here.

Mass Casualty Event Training – July 7, 2015

TacMed’s SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide was used on the streets of London last week in a mock ‘marauding gun attack’, which was the biggest ever counter-terrorism exercise in the UK. Armed police, the military, SAS, and spies staged the event to test how emergency services and other agencies would be able to handle such a mass casualty event. More details can be viewed here.

Dallas Police Dept Win Award for DOK Program – May 18, 2015

The Dallas Police Department is the 2015 General Safety Award winner for their Downed Officer Kit (DOK) program. More than 3500 DOKs have been issued, and DPD has multiple success stories under its belt. Every officer with public contact has been issued a DOK and trained to use these lifesaving kits. Find more info about the kit here.

Crime Scenes, Wound Topics at Citizens Police Academy – March 17, 2015

Ithaca Police Department hosts a “Citizen’s Police Academy” Program during which local citizens get an inside glimpse in to Ithaca PD. The most recent session focused on emergency medical treatment. Trained in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Ithaca officers carry trauma kits containing potentially lifesaving gear such as SOF® Tourniquets, combat gauze, and gloves. More information can be viewed here.