Davenport Police Officers Save Chief with Tourniquets – December 2017

Davenport, Iowa police officers used SOF® Tactical Tourniquets on both of Buffalo’s Police Chief T.J. Behning legs to save his life. An oncoming car struck Chief’s Behning’s patrol car while he was out on the side of the road, and his patrol car struck him. Buffalo’s department has since incorporated tourniquets into their everyday carry. Read the full article here.

Pennsylvania State Police Officer Self Applies Own Tourniquet – November 2017

A Pennsylvania State Police officer self-applied his tourniquet after being shot multiple times, likely saving his own life. Read full article here.

Customer Testimonial – SOF®TT-Wide Use – November 2017

Customer Testimonial: “I install windows in houses for a living, and we were trying to pull out the window sash of the window that was from 1927. The glass was thin and the new guy pushed on it just enough that it flexed and the glass exploded. A large piece of it ended up bouncing off of the windowsill and into my arm. Thanks for the kit, it kicked ass this week when in need” [Direct pressure didn’t stop the bleeding so a SOF®TT-Wide was applied.]


Greenfield Officer Saves Motorcyclist After Serious Crash – August 2017

Upon arriving at the scene of a motorcycle accident, an officer with the Greensfield Police Department applied a SOF® Tourniquet and Celox hemostatic to the arm of a victim who was bleeding out. After transportation to the hospital, the surgeon said that without that tourniquet, the victim would not have made it. We are proud to support law enforcement officers around the country in their efforts to save lives and keep communities safe. Read more here.

Metro Nashville Officer’s Quick Thinking May Have Saved Shooting Victim’s Life – August 2017

A Nashville officer, who just recently graduated from the police academy, utilized quick thinking and a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide when responding to a shooting victim to save a life. Read more here.

Foxtrot Litter Used for Evacuation of GSW Victim – July 2017

Teamwork. Good job yesterday to all LEO, Fire, EMS, HEMS units that worked together to mitigate a criminal barricade with a critically injured patient. The patient was shot several times, presenting with heavy bleeding from an arm, altered mentation, and no radial pulses. Bleeding was controlled with a tourniquet and no re-bleeding. TacMed Solutions Foxtrot® Litter was used to extract the patient 200 yards without complication to an awaiting ambulance. Photo cred from the Williamsburg Gazette.

SOF®TT-W Save by Texas Officer – July 2017

An officer from Texas recently wrote in to tell us about their second save with a SOF®T-Wide Tourniquet in law enforcement. The officer has previous experience with tourniquets on the battlefield and has also participated in TCCC training. Another great example of work in the field by LEOs highlighting the need to carry the right gear and know how to use it.

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Save Victim with SOF®TT-W – July 2017

A U.S. Army veteran was bleeding profusely from his arm after the truck he was riding in flipped over. He attempted to use a makeshift tourniquet but was too weak to tighten it, and none of the bystanders had a commercial tourniquet. Thankfully, two U.S. Border Patrol agents happened upon the scene. The agents applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the victim. He was transported to a trauma center and has since returned home. Watch the YouTube video to hear directly from the patient and the agents. This story is a great example why EVERYONE should know how to use a tourniquet. Learn more about the story here.

Customer Testimonial – SOF®TT-W Save – July 2017

We received the following tourniquet save story from someone with the Edmonton Police Service in Canada: “Used a SOFTTW tourniquet tonight on a victim with massive trauma. My first TQ application in Canada.”

Customer Testimonial – SOF®TT-W Save – June 2017

Very happy to hear that the SOF®TT-W was put to good use over the weekend by EMTs in Des Moines, Iowa… Our goal is to provide high quality equipment to all types of first responders so they can do their jobs most effectively and save lives:

“I would like to say THANK YOU to your company for playing a part in possibly saving my son from bleeding out today! Even though the hospital cut the strap I asked if we could have it.

Thank you for making such a great product and helping save our son!”