New Jersey Police Tourniquet Save – May 2017

A New Jersey police officer recently let us know about his use of a tourniquet on the leg of a 13 year old. The boy was struck by a freight train and lost his leg about mid-shin. Two officers dressed the wound while a third applied his SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide. The victim was then rushed to a trauma center and survived the accident thanks to these officers quick actions. Read more here.


Customer Testimonial – Double SOFT®T-W Save – February 2017

Happy to hear a customer testimonial from a double SOFTT-W use in the field.

“Used two of your SOF-TT-W tourniquets last night on a double amputee and potentially saved the victim because of their application. Had never applied them before, was shocked how easy they were to apply and were immediately effective…. I made the investment in two of your tourniquets and it was well worth the investment!”

Hot Springs PD – Officer Has Second TQ Save – October 2016

For the second time, this Hot Springs Police Department officer used his SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to provide lifesaving care to a victim. He applied the tourniquet to a woman bleeding out from a severed vein in her arm after a car accident. Previously, this officer used his tourniquet on a gunshot victim who had been hit in the femoral artery and would have bled to death if not for the officer’s quick action. These officers have received specialty casualty care training so they are able to assist themselves, fellow officers, and injured civilians in the event of a traumatic injury.

Rookie NYPD Cop Saves Knife Fight Victim’s Life – August 2016

Last week, a NYPD officer used his SOF Tactical Tourniquet and bandage from his recently issued trauma kit to help save the life a knife fight victim. The victim, suffering a severed artery in his upper left arm, only had minutes to receive the necessary treatment when the officer arrived. “I knew it was absolutely urgent, we needed to do something now.” The officer then applied the tourniquet and used the trauma bandage to cover the wound. Within two years, all NYPD officers will be trained to do the same. Read more here.

Jacksonville Police Use Tourniquet to Save Woman – June 2016

Officers in Jacksonville, AL, applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to a woman’s arm with several deep cuts and immediately saw the bleeding start to slow. Doctors said the victim very easily could have bled out because an artery was cut but did not thanks to the efforts made by these officers. Read more here.

Mt. Olive Police Use New Kit & Training to Save Bleeding Man – April 2016

Two Mount Olive Police officers helped save the life of a man severely bleeding from a laceration to his left wrist when they applied their tourniquet to the victim’s arm, stopping blood loss. Each officer carries a custom-packed TacMed™ LAPD Kit, which was supplied at the end of training sponsored by Morris County Office of Emergency Management. “This latest incident further illustrates the commitment of Morris County law enforcement, EMS, and fire agencies to stay ahead of the curve as it relates to providing life-saving critical efforts with specialized equipment designed to achieve this objective.” Read more here.

North TX Officers Save Man w/ SOF®TT-W – March 2016

Two Cedar Hill officers in North Texas recently applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to the leg of a man hit by a suspected drunk driver. In the news video, you will see the officers run towards the victim and immediately begin providing lifesaving care. “For us, the only thing that mattered was helping him out.” Great work by these officers. Read more about the story here.

Lake County Illinois Sheriff’s Office – TQ Save – February 2016

A Lake County IL Sheriff’s Office deputy administered lifesaving first aid to a shooting victim by applying a tourniquet to the victim’s leg. Lake County officers carry department-issued SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wides and OLAES® Modular Bandages. Great work by this officer-

*Media Release*

Unincorporated Zion Shooting

On February 7, 2016 at approximately 1:40AM, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Pinsters Bowling Alley, 1646 Sheridan Road, Unincorporated Zion, for a report of a person with a gun. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they located several hundred people fleeing from the bowling alley, and learned shots had been fired. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies, along with officers from Winthrop Harbor Police Department and Zion Police Department, set up a perimeter around the scene to search for victims and offenders.

Sheriff’s deputies located a shooting victim who was shot in the leg and the head. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Platt administered life-saving measures and applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg, stopping the blood loss. The victim was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. He is expected to survive.

Preliminary investigation revealed the shooting was likely gang related, following a dispute between rival gang members. Sheriff’s detectives and members of the Lake County Sheriff’s Gang Task Force continue to investigate the shooting.


Hinsdale Officer Receives Award for Tourniquet Save – December 3, 2015

A Hinsdale Police Officer recently received an award for his quick thinking, preparedness, and willingness to help that attributed to a life saved. The driver of a cement truck struck a wall while driving through a construction zone.. His arm was pinned between the truck’s cab and the wall, and he was bleeding heavily from the injury. The officer applied a SOF® Tourniquet he was carrying on his person, buying the victim crucial time until paramedics arrived. Emergency room staff said that without the officer’s actions, the driver would have lost his arm and most likely his life to severe blood loss.