Hemostaic Primer

We often get questions regarding hemostaics:
Which is the best?
How do they work?
What is the mechanism of action?

The TCCC recommendation of Combat Gauze (TM) has clouded the issue of effectiveness with respect to other available agents. That is to say, there are others on the market that were just as effective in studies that were not chosen. Hopefully, the attached study summarizes the pros and cons of most available agents.

TCCC Hemostatics JRAMC 2010

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  1. davey
    davey says:

    OK. I read the paper by Lawton, et. al. at least twice. I’m a civilian 1st Responder, so this isn’t an area where I have much training. OTOH, I’ve written and presented a couple professional papers within my areas of expertise. I thought that the paper was a pretty comprehensive presentation of the various hemostatic products.

    However, I was particularly confused by their description of Celox. After the first sentence, the rest of the section discusses the results of using HemCon. If this is a typo / editing issue, then the authors gave the paper some very poor proofreading.

    Second, the paper intentionally gives each product a stand-alone description. Comparisons made only when a literature citation provides one. It would have been really helpful if the authors had made some comparisons and drawn conclusions. It wouldn’t have been very risky at all to say something like, “The statistics seem to show that there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the performance of Product X and Product Y”.

    Since your blog makes the claim,”that is to say, there are others on the market that were just as effective in studies that were not chosen…”, I’d like to hear your spin on the paper. Is your conclusion based on information outside that paper? Finally, of course, I’d like see you expand on that statement. What products exactly are “just as effective” as Combat Gauze? Given that the retail price of Combat Gauze is about 3X the price of Celox, this is a very relevent question!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • admin
      admin says:


      Thanks for your comments and questions. I will run down the evidence of Celox being as effective in studies and post it here if possible. If not, I will post the abstract.


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