Stop the Bleed: The Value of Tourniquets – August 2016

Great article on the importance of 1) having a tourniquet, 2) carrying it with you, and 3) knowing how to properly use it before the time comes:

Rookie NYPD Cop Saves Knife Fight Victim’s Life – August 2016

Last week, a NYPD officer used his SOF Tactical Tourniquet and bandage from his recently issued trauma kit to help save the life a knife fight victim. The victim, suffering a severed artery in his upper left arm, only had minutes to receive the necessary treatment when the officer arrived. “I knew it was absolutely urgent, we needed to do something now.” The officer then applied the tourniquet and used the trauma bandage to cover the wound. Within two years, all NYPD officers will be trained to do the same. Read more here.

New Product – TacMed™ Tactical EMS (TEMS) Kit – August 2016

TacMed’s new Tactical EMS (TEMS) Kit is now available! We know that for many of you, medicine is only half the job. The TEMS Kit was designed to make you a more effective combatant and more effective care provider by integrating a 3-magazine panel with a medical pouch.

Every NYPD Patrol Officer to Be Equipped with TacMed Gear – July 2016

The NYPD is investing in a wide range of equipment and training to ensure officers are prepared for the challenges they face. This includes TacMed trauma kits, ballistic vests and helmets, and a host of training initiatives. “The new equipment, the training, and the technology that NYPD officers have received … has made the job safer for them, their fellow cops, and most of all, for the public that we serve.” Read more here.


Jacksonville Police Use Tourniquet to Save Woman – June 2016

Officers in Jacksonville, AL, applied a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide to a woman’s arm with several deep cuts and immediately saw the bleeding start to slow. Doctors said the victim very easily could have bled out because an artery was cut but did not thanks to the efforts made by these officers. Read more here.

New Product – TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit 2nd Generation – May 2016

The 2nd Generation of TacMed’s Uniformed Medical Kit (UMK) is now available on our website! The UMK 2nd Gen greatly decreases the signature of the device over the original UMK by moving the medical gear and pockets behind a flat panel, eliminating any imprinting under the officer’s duty shirt. The new UMK fits ANY concealed body armor carrier that utilizes hook and loop straps, plus the sides can be trimmed for a custom fit. Learn more at our website!

New Product Line – Rescue Craft™ – May 2016

TacMed™ Solutions is introducing a new product line: Rescue Craft™. The founding principles of Rescue Craft™ are safety, simplicity, and efficiency. These principles were used as guides to further develop the casualty management systems offered by Tactical Medical Solutions® and increase the capabilities of our customers. To keep up-to-date on the latest Rescue Craft™ info, like our Rescue Craft by Tactical Medical Solutions sister page, or visit to take a look at the newest Rescue Craft™ products!

TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response System – May 2016

Two of TacMed’s newest kits, the Patrol Trauma Response Kit (PTRK) and the Patrol Rifle Response Kit (PRRK), are shown here as a complete system: the TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response System. With the use of the pouch-attaching strap, these two kits can be worn together to provide gear to treat life-threatening wounds as well as to carry 30 round M4/AR15-style mags when responding to serious threats.

New Product – TacMed™ Patrol Rifle Response Kit – May 2016

The new TacMed™ Patrol Rifle Response Kit, or PRRK, offers the individual patrol officer the ability to have the necessary components for emergency situations immediately available to them. Internally, the contents allow for the effective treatment of life-threatening wounds, while externally, the pouch can hold (2) 30 round M4/AR15-style magazines. This kit can be worn full-time or detached from the duty belt and quickly snapped on during times of crisis.

New Product – TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit

The new TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit (PTRK) provides the law enforcement officer with the necessary gear for on-scene care when every second counts. Designed to be worn on the belt or MOLLE platform, this compact kit takes up minimal space. The PTRK can be a stand-alone pouch or, with the optional pouch-attaching strap, can work with either the LAPD Kit, standard Convertible Drop Leg Pouch, or new Patrol Rifle Response Kit.