Performing A Wound Sweep

During the initial phases of treatment, one should perform a wound sweep to ensure there are no injuries that have been overlooked. There are different techniques, and ones tactical situation will dictate the best approach. The video above offers a broad framework and tips, which one can adjust as needed.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Dr. Frank,

    Hi, good to hear from you. I have not seen you since SOMA. I hope things are going well.
    Regarding the sweep, it is a technique we learned years ago that was shared by medics in the 18D course. I am not sure of the origin; however, if my memory serves me, it emerged from the “lessons-learned” after the events of October 3, 1993, in Somalia.


  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    What about with the new IOTV, the Army is using. I have been opening the left shoulder/side so I can get access/look/feel more of the patient. I usually do that in TFC phase then once we get in our CASEVAC platform, I pull the cord so I have more access and I can recover them with their front plate, so I can have them as close to completely packaged as possible once I get them into the BAS.

    Would you say that this method puts the patients at too great of risk?

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. What’s up with ACU Raid Bags? My tan one is falling apart!

  3. starlight_cdn
    starlight_cdn says:

    The rake is a very effective technique in TFC or in a ‘TFC bubble’ especially in adverse lighting conditions. Alan was one of the staff at a course north of the border I took. I used it in a poorly lit sea can and identified and plug a chest penetration. With my digit in the wound, I used it to index for my ACS, another technique from tacmedsol. Worked excellent. Another tool for the box…..

    Alan, send me an e-mail….headed to the sandbox soon!!!!


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