Where Do You Store Your Tourniquet?

After you vote, read yesterday’s entry concerning tourniquet storage.

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  1. starlight_cdn
    starlight_cdn says:

    My CTMP from CTOMS has three TQ pouches on the outside of the main compartment…it is MOLLEd to my chest rig or plate carrier.

  2. Andrew Nunn
    Andrew Nunn says:

    I keep 2 one had tourniquets (the old style that the army doesn’t issue any more) in a frag pouch, then 2 CAT tourniquets in a mag pouch.

    I hate CAT tourniquets my SOP for my platoon is to 100 MPH tape a cleaning rod to the windlass of the tourniquet.

    The OHT was so bad-ass why did the army get rid of them. The only shitty part about the OHT was securing the leftovers of the rip-cord. 100 MPH tape or zip-ties worked good I never had any failures from them.

  3. TCSOmedic
    TCSOmedic says:

    I carry 4 SOF-T total. I carry 2 in my advanced blow-out kit which is attached to my my plate carrier and 2 in my LBT med bag that I leave at the entry point.

  4. Hueyraider
    Hueyraider says:

    One on my person, on the tigh rig. Additional in the vest pouch with hemhorage control measures, and additional in the aid bag.

  5. samson ferrell
    samson ferrell says:

    i have one in my blow-out kit, one right next to my 556 mags on the plate carrier, and two on my hawk med kit on my back and four with the med kit thats at the breach point…i have ran with these secured to the MOLLE with with two rubber bands at each end,,,,they seem to stay pretty good. i have fast roped and climded with them that way..seems to work well.


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